At Church Of Celebration, we strive to live a life of
worshiping Jesus in Spirit and Truth!

Church of Celebration Musicians??

The Worship Ministry creates a healthy culture of opportunities to use our gifts to lead people in worship! We are looking for you! Fill the gaps we are experiencing and sign up today through the COC App or churchofcelebration.com.

Worship Ministry

With intention, we lead boldly with our whole hearts and worship Jesus! God is doing amazing things at Church Of Celebration and we are beyond blessed that He has led you here!

Monthly Worship Devotional

The most powerful moments in worship came when
I poured out my heart and worshipped through the circumstances I was facing.  In fact, in those moments,
I missed cues, I missed notes and my chances of looking
like a polished vocalist ready for a tour were crushed
(Not that any of those things motivated me to lead worship)!  It is when we are most vulnerable, most broken,
that God can truly use us for His glory.
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Interested In Joining The Worship Team?

We are always looking for talented musicians and vocalists to help us lead COC in worship!