Small Groups

Small groups here at COC, are known as LIFEgroups! 

 Each group meets regularly to talk, support and pray for each other!

Community is a vibrant part of Christian growth!  LIFEgroups are the perfect example of CELEBRATING that Community with the entire Body of Christ!

LIFEgroups are for EVERYONE! There is a group just waiting for you. We have co-ed groups, men's groups, and women's groups that meet through out the week all over Maricopa.

LIFEgroups will meet on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We desire groups to meet together on a consistent basis to develop better unity and growth within your group!

To find the group that is the best fit for you click on the box below to see a list of our current groups.

Going Deeper Studies

Listed below are our "Going Deeper" study guides for our LIFEgroup leaders to utilize during their group meetings. Check here weekly for new studies.
What Would Jesus Undo?
November 21st - Week 3
What Would Jesus Undo?
November 28th - Week 4
Missing Peace
December 5th - Week 1