Fresh Faith

Jim Cymbala writes in his book Fresh Faith that…“Never in the Gospels was Jesus astounded by anyone’s righteousness. Never was He impressed by anyone’s education. He was amazed by one thing: PEOPLE’S FAITH! The greater battle regarding Faith in one’s life is not “Will you try harder?’ or “Can you make yourself worthy?” It is, “WILL YOU BELIEVE?” I guess that would be the greater question for anyone who listens to this message… “Will you believe?”

Law & Order

You don’t need to not look any further than each day’s newspaper, or web-sourced news page, or any major News Correspondent to realize that we are in a world that desperately needs Law & Order! We have done our best to institute it where we think it need be applied or not applied! We have done our very best at removing this “Moral Code’ from anything of significant importance! I then would simply ask — Is life better now? Or does it appear that we still need assistance? I would offer that God was on to something when He gave us the Ten Commandments; I would also suggest that they were not just intended for the Israelites in the Old Testament, and that they have major significance for all of mankind, and that was what He originally intended! God forgive us for viewing them as Ten Suggestions!