Suffering is a part of everyone's life. Some suffering is the direct result of our sin - some happens because of our own foolishness. However... some suffering comes as a result of living according to how God has CALLED you to live! 1 Peter 2:20-21 affirms this... "...But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it - this is commendable before God. To this you were CALLED - because Christ suffered for you - leaving you an example - that you should follow in His steps."

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Matthew 10:39 tells us... "Whoever finds his life will lose it - and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it!"  Is Jesus really worth someone losing EVERYTHING for? It's time that you truly understand the real meaning and cost to... GET RICH or DIE TRYIN'!  It's time you ask yourself today... "WHAT IS JESUS 'WORTH' TO YOU?"

212 Degrees

Raising the temperature of water for one extra degree means the difference between something that is simply very hot and something that generates enough force to power a machine - this 'idea' is an uncomplicated metaphor that ideally should feed our every endeavor - consistently pushing us to make the extra effort in every task we undertake. It reminds us that seemingly small things can make a difference! What's your temperature for JESUS running at right now?

Christmas In Foreclosure

Are the amount of bills piling up this year? Do you feel a sense of abandonment this Christmas Season? Please hear this… God understands how important it is SHOW UP - and that's exactly what He did that first Christmas! You don't have to feel like your Christmas is in Foreclosure like you may be feeling in so many other areas of your life. Experience the true meaning of Christmas this year - one that is rich and full of FREEDOM


Are people and traditions getting in the way of your search for God?  It's time to get past the religious garbage in the search for spiritual truth! It's time to discover the difference between RELATIONSHIP and RELIGION!

Pursuit of Holiness

It is written... 'BE HOLY - BECAUSE I AM HOLY!' (1 Pet 1:15-16)  ~ When Pursuing Holiness... It's not What You Do that determines Who You Are - but it's WHO YOU ARE that determines WHAT YOU DO!

Better Parent By Sunday

If you have kids - you might understand why some animals eat their young!  Whether they are bawling - crawling - walking or talking - sometimes our kids have the capacity to send even the best parents over the edge!  If you're a parent - thinking of becoming one - or even moved to the evil stage of 'grand-parenting' - God has some invaluable thoughts and guidelines to teach - prepare & fine-tune your abilities - in your short window of opportunity!


There's a PROBLEM today - a misunderstanding of what HOLINESS means!  The inability to clearly know what it means to ABIDE with Christ!  With all the distractions that our World has to offer - wouldn't you think it would be easier for a Follower of the Way to KNOW his chances for survival are greater WITH CHRIST as apart from Him!  After all... APART FROM HIM - WE CAN DO NOTHING! (John 15:5b)


What ever happened to SIN?  Have Christians become so preoccupied with the major SINS of our society that we have lost sight of the need to deal with our own SINS?  Maybe it's time that we confront the SINS that we have comfortably begun to tolerate - those SINS that have slowly taken us HOSTAGE!

All In

The Stakes are High - Everyone is a person of FAITH whether they attend church or even believe in God!  Faith is trust and we are all trusting in something!  We are all betting our life and our future on something!  What are you betting on?  Your life depends on it!  Are you willing to go ALL IN...?