It's time to wage a spiritual war - time to equip parents to help their children become the Spiritually Mature Church of Tomorrow - turning them into Spiritual Champions!

Cow Tipping

At the intersection of life and faith stand a lot of questions - SACRED COWS - things the Church may be afraid to talk about! Brace yourself - we gonna go into some territories where few churches dare to go - we going COW TIPPING!

Vertical Church

What Could/Would God Do Horizontally, With A Church That Is Living Vertically?

Defining Moments

Imagine your life - wholly untouched by angst! Wouldn't it be great to escape it? What if FAITH - not FEAR - was your default to DEFINING MOMENTS in your life? According to Jesus... it's completely possible!

Second Greatest Story Ever Told

If you are a ‘Born-Again’ Believer in Jesus Christ – YOU’RE STORY MATTERS! If you have received God’s gift of GRACE – You DO have something to say! Because of your SALVATION MOMENT… you now carry within your life the POWER of THE SECOND GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD!


GRACE... When we are on the receiving end - it is refreshing! When it is required of us - it is often disturbing! But when it's correctly applied - it seems to solve just about everything!

Attitude of Gratitude

Many of us are “hard of thanking”, we have a high gratitude threshold it takes epic gifts before we can even muster a thanks. People like this miss mountains of blessings and opportunities to delight in what God has done. Gratitude is viewing life as a gift; it frees us from the prison of self pre-occupation.