Ever wish you could have a DO OVER in your LIFE?  According to Scripture and Because of God's Grace... HE AFFORDS US THAT OPPORTUNITY!  The 'TAKING OF IT' is up to YOU!


It's time to wage a spiritual war - time to equip parents to help their children become the Spiritually Mature Church of Tomorrow - turning them into Spiritual Champions!

Cow Tipping

At the intersection of life and faith stand a lot of questions - SACRED COWS - things the Church may be afraid to talk about! Brace yourself - we gonna go into some territories where few churches dare to go - we going COW TIPPING!

Vertical Church

What Could/Would God Do Horizontally, With A Church That Is Living Vertically?

Defining Moments

Imagine your life - wholly untouched by angst! Wouldn't it be great to escape it? What if FAITH - not FEAR - was your default to DEFINING MOMENTS in your life? According to Jesus... it's completely possible!

Second Greatest Story Ever Told

If you are a ‘Born-Again’ Believer in Jesus Christ – YOU’RE STORY MATTERS! If you have received God’s gift of GRACE – You DO have something to say! Because of your SALVATION MOMENT… you now carry within your life the POWER of THE SECOND GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD!