Re-Gathering Guidelines

COC’s In-Person Gathering Guidelines

Our goal with In-Person Gatherings is to host a “touch-less” worship experience for all who choose to attend. So beginning Sunday, August 23rd. You will be able to participate at 9a or 10:45a without touching anything/anyone besides your seats for the day.

Seating in the auditorium will be every other row for now. Families or Friend Groups can sit together two seats apart from other groups. We ask for your patience with our Greeter/Ushers Teams as they help find you the safest seats possible

We will close the auditorium between services for a short period of time in order to properly clean the facilities thoroughly before the next service guests arrive.

Hand Sanitizing Stations and Face masks can be found in the lobby and/or the courtyard for your safety and assurance if you choose to them.

Sunday Gatherings are enjoyed best when using our COC YouVersion Bible App. This allows you to take notes, request prayer, ask questions, give financially, and communicate with us during the service.

At this time, we are only offering our Two Main Adult (Family) Worship Services (9a/10:45a). We will not be offering any of our additional ministries (i.e. Celebration City / C56 or Celebration Youth) out of the gate. Our goal is to eventually phase these additional ministries in – in the coming months. Children are welcome to bring books, tablets or phones with headsets or earbuds. We also strongly encourage them to participate/view our CCITY ONLINE SERVICES which they can easily access from our COC Website. 

The South Lobby will also be open during the service for parents with any restless children and/or babies. Please utilize that space accordingly so others may enjoy a distraction free service as well.

If you are interested in helping as a Greeter/Usher, or with our Volunteer Cleaning Team, please let us know by clicking here and letting us know!

Lastly, please do not feel pressured to attend these In-Person Services if you are still unsettled with larger gatherings. We completely understand there are some that are in a higher risk category or are around someone who is, or you are just not quite there yet with a peace of mind to gather together corporately. (That’s completely understandable!) So we will continue to host all of our Interactive Online Services each/every week via Facebook Live, Youtube, Open Network and from our website