Corona Virus Awareness


Hey Celebrators!
I want to start by thanking each of you for your incredible “FLEXIBILITY” throughout these past several months! This PANDEMIC has definitely altered many of our lives in various, different ways and it looks like it will continue doing so for the foreseeable future! As many of us are very well aware by now… it is most definitely a “fluid situation” and it looks like it will continue being so – so THANK YOU again for your PATIENCE and SUPPORT to COC’S MINISTRIES as we continue attempting to navigate what comes our way! 
With that being said… I’m excited to share with you that we have set a RE-GATHERING DATE once again for COC to start LIVE FACE/FACE GATHERINGS… that date will be SUNDAY, AUGUST 23rd!
Here’s what you need to know today…

  1. We have written this DATE in “PENCIL!” (Meaning…) Because we rent from the MUSD – a lot of our ability to meet week/week with consistency will very much depend on the daily/weekly Health and Safety Monitoring within our School District - as they move forward with their Re-Opening Strategies. (So this will most likely be a ‘WEEK TO WEEK’ type of a determination for us.)
  2. We will be offering TWO “TOUCHLESS” IN-PERSON WORSHIP SERVICES at either 9a or 10:45a. (There will be NO CCITY / C56 or CY MINISTRIES offered out of the gate - but we believe they will be coming soon…) 
  3. We will continue to offer/provide ALL of our ONLINE WEEKEND WORSHIP EXPERIENCES… SAT (5p) or SUN (9a and/or 10:45a) – which you can find anytime HERE. (Our ONLINE WORSHIP EXPERIENCES are here to stay!) 
  4. I will be sharing a more Detailed Update Video this SATURDAY (from all of our social media sites) with ALL THE RE-GATHERING DETAILS and more – please be on the lookout for that! We’ll also be posting soon – more detailed Re-Gathering Guidelines that you will be able to find any time at COCCOPA.COM.

I know this is some Exciting/Encouraging News for many of us to hear – I also realize that some of you are still Cautious/Concerned about Re-Gathering – so let me once again assure EVERYONE that our desire is to MEET EACH/EVERYONE OF YOU RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! That’s why we’ll still be offering our ONLINE MINISTRIES… in addition to our FACE/FACE GATHERINGS! (Your Choice and Comfortablity!) 
Please continue to PRAY for our Church and the continued OPPORTUNITIES to demonstrate the LOVE OF JESUS to the City of Maricopa as we attempt to MAKE HIM MORE FAMOUS! We covet your prayers as a COC Ministry Team… decisions have been made but we know more decisions will be coming… and our desire is to make sure that we are HONORING GOD with all of them!
RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)
Pastor Josh