Corona Virus Awareness


Hey Celebrators!
Well… It’s been another very interesting week in our world!  There is so much going on around us, and it very well may be causing quite a bit of Fear, Anxiety, Confusion and Anger!  So I’d like to take this moment to encourage us all by saying this… GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!  None of what is happening in the world today is a surprise to Him!  He sees each of us, knows each of us and wants each of us to LEAN IN towards TRUSTING HIM… no matter what!  My prayer is that we can all ‘draw closer’ to Jesus during these numerous times of uncertainty!  
In light of ALL that is happening around us in our World… I’d like to personally invite each of you to join Myself and Ginger this coming Wednesday at 6P on the COC FB Page for a Special Time of PRAYER for our Nation in these tumultuous times! Ginger and Myself will be hosting a COC FB LIVE time of PRAYER… for LOVE / PEACE / UNITY and SALVATION for ALL! I personally believe the most important times in our lives, where we individually feel like our voices are somewhat limited with particular issues, those are the most specific times that we don’t stand/sit idly by and do nothing… WE PRAY! We PRAY to a GOD who SEES ALL and is ABOVE ALL… and we Invite Him into our lives! (So that’s what we’re gonna do!) And YOU CAN BE A PART of that! (We hope/pray you’ll entire family will join us!)

 In addition… Last Saturday we posted to Social Media, an Update Video about WHEN WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO RE-GATHER FACE TO FACE AGAIN!?  In that video, I communicated that although I personally DO believe it will be SOON… we are still waiting on a few things… in particular for the Maricopa Unified School District to give us an official “Green Light” to be in the buildings once again – that is one of the key components to our Re-Gathering! (In saying that…) I do want to remind everyone once again today… that WHEN we do begin Re-Gathering again Face/Face… THINGS WILL LOOK DIFFERENTLY out of the gate – so we appreciate your patience in advance as WE ALL WORK TOGETHER in the coming Weeks/Months!
I also asked in that Update Video that everyone take a quick moment to fill out an Online Survey to help us better Plan/Prep for WHEN we DO meet together once again.  If you have not had a chance to fill out the Survey, please take a quick second today and click here to be directed to it. 
I can assure you Celebrators that we will continue working internally this week towards moving closer with some more definitive decisions/directions, and I will once again come to you this Saturday with another Update Video, with hopefully more definitive details!  Please watch our Facebook Page and our Website for that Video this coming Saturday!
In the meanwhile… Thank you so much for your patience Celebrators! Please keep praying for WISDOM… for Myself and the entire COC Leadership Team in the area of making the right decision at the right time to once again Re-Gather Face To Face! 
I’m praying you have a great remainder of the week, and make sure to join us ONLINE again this weekend as Pastor Ben (Family Life Pastor) continues our “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” Series!  
RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)
Pastor Josh