Church Community Builder

We are EXCITED to announce CHURCH COMMUNITY BUILDER (CCB) as COC’S new people management solution!  CCB is an intuitive, user-friendly, system.  One of the exciting elements of CCB is its emphasis on building COMMUNITY within the church. The new solution enables your leaders to better communicate with you and it also makes it easier for the congregation to connect to… and communicate with each other. Along with that, CCB makes sharing prayer requests, connecting with small groups, volunteering, making and tracking financial contributions, registering and making payments for events, camps, or mission trips SO much easier than before. You’ll love it!

To create a profile, click here!  


Tutorial Videos

Viewing/Updating Your Profile

Editing Your Settings


If you have further questions about how to get started with your CCB profile, please give us a call at 520-494-7714.