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Sunday Snapshot....Biggest BUTS of the Bible

(6) The "BUT" that ARGUES WITH GOD! (Moses)

The stuttering "BUT" of ARGUMENT that asked GOD His name - MOSES!
Knowing WHO GOD IS - means Knowing WHO YOU AREN'T!
Trust in WHO HE IS - regardless of WHAT you're going through is key!
As God invites you and I into HIS STORY – He continually assures us of one CONSTANT THING – “HE WILL BE WITH US EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!”
If you want to step into God’s Presence and discover His will - then you’ll have to step out of YOUR COMFORT ZONE and into HIS CARE!
If you want to step into God’s Presence and discover His will - You’ll have to step away from YOUR HUMANITY and into HIS HOLINESS!
One of the most difficult Biblical concepts for us to grasp is that God is FAITHFUL even when we are FAITHLESS!
Whatever God asks… Don’t dwell on what YOU can't do! REJOICE in the fact that GOD COUNTS YOU WORTHY to show HIS GLORY through your TRIALS!
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Sunday Snapshot....Gideon

(Wk5) The "BUT" of ARGUMENT (Gideon)

The "BUT" of Argument (Gideon)…
God’s view of you ISN’T based on your PEDIGREE or PERFORMANCE - but rather your POTENTIAL & POSSIBILITY!
The "BUT" of Argument (Gideon)…
When God has Spoken - there’s no Second opinion! ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN!
The "BUT" of Argument (Gideon)…
Contrary to what you think - You’re NOT the World’s Leading EXPERT on Yourself… GOD IS!!
The "BUT" of Argument (Gideon)…
REALITY is the difference between THEOLOGY and “SEEOLOGY!"
The "BUT" of Argument (Gideon)…
Please know… God KNOWS your Weaknesses before He CALLS you! Therefore… your EXCUSES have no effect on Him!
The "BUT" of Argument (Gideon)…
OBEDIENCE brings FEARFUL Followers - FEARSOME Victories!
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