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There are Two Questions we ALL ask ourselves in LIFE… (The First Question is…) WHO AM I? (And…) This is a Question about IDENTITY! (For Example…) Where do you find your identity? (Or…) Whose voices are you giving power to speak into your life? (Or…) What about God’s voice? (Or…) Do you know who God says you are? (And even more importantly…) Do you believe what is true about who God says you are? (The Second Question is…) WHY AM I HERE? (And…) This is a Question about PURPOSE! And the thing you need to know about Purpose is you will never find your God-Given PURPOSE until you first know your IDENTITY!! (So that leads to these Questions…) Have you tried to turn your purpose into your identity? (Or…) Are you living for Your Purpose or God’s Purpose in your life? (Or…) Is your purpose in life bringing you fulfillment? (So with that said…) If you’re Searching for Answers to those Two Questions… you don’t wanna miss any of the remaining four weeks… as we talk specifically about HOW to FIND the Answers to those Two Questions… in our New “WONDERLIFE” Series! (See You Soon!)



Sunday Snapshot… (Wk2) I Believe My Story Matters! (Ben Gores)


Every Part of "Your Story" Makes You "Who You Are" - even the Messy Parts!


Your DEAD END is not Your DESTINY! (Because...) God turns DEAD ENDS into DETOURS - and that PREPARES YOU for Your DESTINY!


God doesn't Use You in spite of Your Brokenness... He Uses You - THROUGH YOUR BROKENNESS!


Your STRENGTH may IMPRESS People... but Your WEAKNESS will INFLUENCE People!


Your SCARS are there to Remind You that You Are Human... but they are also there to Remind You that YOU SURVIVED!


You need to TRUST the BIG GOD with the BIG PICTURE!



See You Sunday Celebrators… (9:00A / 10:45A)



RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

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