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"Have you ever made a DUMB Decision in life?” (Well we’ve got some Good News if you have…) Did you know that God has dedicated an Entire Book of the Bible- called PROVERBS… that’s designed to specifically ANSWER the Difficult Questions of life and to Bring Insight and WISDOM to all the kinds of issues we often encounter in our daily lives – that we often tend to make Dumb Decisions with time/time again? (So here’s what we’ve decided to do here at COC…) We’ve been taking a few weeks this summer to talk a little more about HOW to Make Better DecisionsHOW to make the things we Say really matter… HOW to best Parent our Kids no matter what stage of life we’re in… HOW to Fool Proof our Entire Life… (And ultimately…) HOW to set a Course for Life that our Families can flourish in! So… Don’t Miss the Fourth Week of this Fun/Insightful little series we’re calling… WisDUMB!



Sunday Snapshot… (4) YOLO (Ben Gores)


Fools CONSULT with God… but Wise People FEAR God!


Jesus doesn’t want to be LORD of PART of Your LifeHe wants to be LORD of Your WHOLE Life!


When TRUTH shows up… a Wise Person always ADJUSTS to that TRUTH!


God’s Anger is not designed to DESTROY Relationship… it’s designed to RESTORE Relationship!



See You Sunday Celebrators… (9:00A / 10:45A)


Run The Race! (Heb 12:1-2)

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