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Americans seem to be migrating away from RELIGION at an unprecedented rate… CHRISTIANITY in particular! But it’s not because the alternatives are necessarily all that more appealing! People are leaving because Religion/Christianity has apparently lost its appeal with them… it’s not what it once was! Where once RELGION/CHRISTIANITY seemed to be where you went for the ANSWERS… it’s now being viewed as the PROBLEM! If that’s you… then I personally believe it might be that your VERSION of GOD is/was the WRONG VERSION to begin with! Join us again this week at COC as we continue looking a little closer at this growing concern in our world today in regards to… WHO NEEDS GOD?

Sunday Snapshot… (Wk5) IN-JUSTICE FOR ALL

Extraordinary SUFFERING often leads to an Extraordinary CONFIDENCE in GOD!

There is a big difference in Arguing the Existence of God… and Examining Your Personal Experience!

When we REJECT GOD… because of all the INJUSTICE in the World… we don’t SOLVE INJUSTICE… WE LOSE THE DEFINITION altogether!

THERE IS NO JUSTICE WITHOUT JUDGMENT! (And...) If you don’t want a GOD who EMBRACES JUDGMENT… then you don’t want JUSTICE!

John 12:47b / John 3:17 -- Before God will JUDGE - He provided a way to SAVE! (That’s why “The Gospel” is the Perfect Narrative to IN-Justice!)

If YOU are Doubting God... (Maybe…) The “GOD” you originally believed in was the wrong “god” to begin with!?

See You Sunday Celebrators… (9:00A / 10:45A)

RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

Pastor Josh

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