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Americans seem to be migrating away from RELIGION at an unprecedented rate… CHRISTIANITY in particular! But it’s not because the alternatives are necessarily all that more appealing! People are leaving because Religion/Christianity has apparently lost its appeal with them… it’s not what it once was! Where once RELGION/CHRISTIANITY seemed to be where you went for the ANSWERS… it’s now being viewed as the PROBLEM! If that’s you… then I personally believe it might be that your VERSION of GOD is/was the WRONG VERSION to begin with! Join us again this week at COC as we continue looking a little closer at this growing concern in our world today in regards to… WHO NEEDS GOD?





Maybe… The “GOD” you originally believed in was the wrong “god” to begin with!


The "gods" Of The No Testament... (The “Somebody Told Me So” Gods)

  1. BODYGUARD god - Somebody told you that a Good God would never let Bad Things Happen To Good People! (But then there was that time when something Bad happened to someone Good!)


  1. ON-CALL god - Somebody told you that God existed to MEET your every need... WHEN you needed it! (But then there was that time that He didn't do what you thought He should do when you needed it the most!)


  1. FEEL-GOOD god - Somebody told you that you should always FEEL the PRESENCE of God! (But then there was that time where it seemed like He was nowhere to be found when you needed Him the most!)


  1. GUILT god - Somebody told you that God LOVED You - but it sure felt like He didn't LIKE You! (And then there were all those times where it seemed like He was always MAD at you!)


  1. GAP god - Somebody told you that God conveniently shows up as an EXPLANATION for apparently EVERYTHING that you couldn't currently EXPLAIN! (But then there were those times when what once seemed UNEXPLAINABLE eventually became EXPLAINABLE!)



See You Sunday Celebrators… (9:00A / 10:45A)



RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

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