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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Sun Stand Still - 3)

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(3) WAVE JUMPER… (Exec Pastor Mat Balgaard)

CELEBRATORS… If you’re MISSING this Series – you are MISSING OUT on the KEY INGREDIENTS to living AUDACIOUSLY! I’m telling ya – you need to DO whatever you need to DO to make it a PRIORITY to not miss another Sunday of this Series! Below are a few SNAPSHOTS of what’s coming this week in Pastor Mat’s Message! DON’T MISS IT!! 

It's your job to walk into the water - BUT it’s God’s job to get you across!

If you’ll do the BELIEVING - He’ll do the ACHIEVING

Once you know God’s calling you out into the WAVES - don’t let the SIZE OF THEM (Your Fears) send you back to the Beach!

The Goal of FAITH isn’t to take away your Fears BUT to leverage your Fears and create a Bolder Belief! That BELIEF... God's Presence & Promise!

Healthy Confidence is always born in HUMILITY! Confidence without Humility is Arrogance! Humility without Confidence is WEAKNESS!

Audacious Faith isn’t the Absence of Uncertainty – it's believing that God’s Promise is BIGGER than your AMBIGUITY!

You'll never Experience God’s Power until you have the AUDACITY to BELIEVE - PRAY and ACT with CONFIDENCE that God is a God OF THE IMPOSSIBLE! 

See Ya Sunday!!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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