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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Scandalous - 3)

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HOW do WE handle the SCANDALOUS ‘MOMENTS’ of our LIFE?

CrAzY RiDiCuLoUs Stories are in the Bible for a Reason!

A Few Highlights From This Coming Week’s Message…

Pretty excited to hear Pastor Mat’s Message this weekend!  Here are a few of his Key Ideas coming your way!  I’m already stoked to hear the IN BETWEENS of this Message!

The Consequences of Life are a GIFT from God! They are His natural warning sign that something is WRONG!

WISDOM is the key to navigating through all of Life’s Scandals! Sometimes the greatest display of our Wisdom is our response to Mistakes!

QUIET SCANDALS = living life Carelessly - Deceitfully and Selfishly!

QUIET ADMIRABILITY'S = living life Carefully - Truthfully and Selflessly!

God has created this world and its Moral Laws in such a way that the more we CHOOSE to SEEK His Wisdom - the Happier we will be!

WISDOM is the Practical Knowledge by which we gain True and Lasting Happiness!

WISDOM is not Attained Automatically - it’s Acquired Systematically!

See Ya Sunday!!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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