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Do you ever go through your life and FEEL INVINCIBLE at times? You feel STRONGER than anything and that you could DEFEAT just about everything? (And then…) Like Out of No where– you get THUMPED! You get BEAT DOWN… by something from your Past/Present… and you’re very quickly reminded of HOW WEAKyou really might be? (Well if we’re being honest with ourselves…)The Truth is… even our best intentions can falter when we face TEMPTATIONS and DISTRACTIONS! (If that’s you…) COC WANTS TO HELP! We’ve got Two More Weeks left in a Special Series– where we’re walking through the Story of Samson and hopefully teaching you a few things about STANDING FIRM against the Forces of Darkness that are just waiting/lurking to TAKE YOU OUT! We’realready off to a Great Start– and it just might be what I believe MANY OF US NEED TO HEAR about STANDING STRONG in the FACE of ADVERSITY! See you soon Celebrators!



Sunday Snapshot… (2) EMOTIONAL BATTLES


SAMSON was an Incredibly Strong Man with a Dangerously Weak Will!


SAMSON was… EMOTION-DRIVEN - NOT - SPIRIT-LED! (That's Dangerous!) Because EMOTIONS can often lead us to DO something very Dumb!


ANGER is a Very Dangerous EMOTION to be led by! It often leads you to not just GET EVEN... but GET AHEAD! And when that happens - EVERYBODY LOSES!


PRIDE is a Very Dangerous EMOTION to be led by! It often leads you to believe that it's ALL ABOUT YOU- which is a LIE! Because we KNOW that it's really ALL ABOUT GOD!


YOUR PRIDE is always BORN- OUT of YOUR INSECURITIES! (Meaning…) When YOU don't know WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST… then PRIDE will always be the FIRST EMOTION that will RISE UP and TAKE YOU DOWN!


Most MEN want to be the Main Character in The Story! (But...) Isn't God supposed be the Main Character in Our Story?


MEN… If you let Your NEEDS” drive You to GOD… (Then it's a guarantee!)



See You Sunday Celebrators… (9:00A / 10:45A)


RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

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