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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Random Thoughts Week)

Thought I’d change it up a little this week in my BLOG and share with you some of my favorite quotes that I’ve come across or came up with on my own in studies – hope you enjoy! (I’ll be posting one of these each day this coming week via Twitter and FB as daily encouragement too!)


You don't get the Promise without the Problem - the Breakthrough without the Battle or the Clarity without the Confusion!

Contentment is not learning to be okay with your Circumstances – it's learning to be Most Satisfied IN Christ regardless of your Circumstances!

 Confession isn’t doing something about my sin – it's admitting I CAN’T do anything about it but knowing GOD CAN! (PWilson)

 All too often we want God to do something FOR us when our biggest desire should be for God to do something IN us! (PNoble)

 If God was Small Enough for you to completely Understand Him – He wouldn't be Big Enough for you to completely Trust Him!

Refusing to REPENT doesn't usher in God's Grace on our lives... it ushers in HIS JUDGEMENT! (PNoble)


Don’t Miss This Weekend…

Special Guest this weekend at COC… Pastor Brad Wilkerson (COC Metro)


GONNA BE AN AMAZING DAY! (Don't you dare miss it!)

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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