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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (‘P,nc?uat!on. - 4)

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‘P,nc?uat!on. / “WORD OF GOD” (Exec Pastor – Mat Balgaard)

When you see “QUOTATION MARKS” – it’s referring that something is being reiterated as a Truthful/Precise Comment! 

When it comes to the “WORD OF GOD” – it means TRUTH! (Nothing More / Nothing Less)

"THE WORD OF GOD" -- The Authority of Scripture - HOW we got it - WHAT we do with it!

Mat (Executive Pastor) will be communicating this week the TRUTH of the “WORD OF GOD” and HOW it was designed to impact our lives! Here’s a couple teaser thoughts to this coming Sunday’s Message - You don’t wanna miss it!!

In the Bible... JESUS is the Main Character - the Superstar - the Superhero! He’s the Verse - the Chorus - and the Crescendo!

“It's not the parts of the Bible I don't understand that give me fits - it's the parts I do understand that trouble me the most!” (Mark Twain)

“The Bible is no mere book - but a living Scripture - that conquers all who oppose it!” (Napoleon Bonaparte)

“The Bible is the Greatest Gift ever given to the human race-those who belittle the Bible-do a crime against Humanity!” (Immanuel Kant)

"We don't need to defend the Bible anymore than a man needs to defend a lion in a cage! The best way to defend a lion is to let it out of its cage!" (CS Lewis)

TRUTH always stands the test of time… From the beginning... God’s Word has been attacked - Jesus has been attacked - The Church has been attacked! ALL to no avail!

See Ya Sunday!!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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