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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (‘P,nc?uat!on. - 2)

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‘P,nc?uat!on. / I KNOW… PERIOD.

Knowing Jesus was never intended to be CONFUSING! Jesus tells us HOW we can KNOW FOR SURE!

The Formula to Knowing For Sure that you're SAVED...

MEETING CHRIST = CHANGE… PERIOD. -- WHEN did that happen for YOU?

Acts 6-9... If the Bible was True and everything Jesus did for him was True... Then SAUL (Paul) KNEW everything about him had to CHANGE!

Saul (Paul) met Jesus and EVERYTHING CHANGED!

If YOU haven't been CHANGED - then YOU HAVEN'T BEEN SAVED!

Jesus didn't DIE for us to get out of Hell and get into Heaven!

He DIED so we could…

1) Get out of Hell!

2) Get into Heaven! (AND…)


God didn't give us His Grace so we COULD go out and sin! He gave us His Grace so it covers us WHEN we go out and sin! (Don’t Get The Two Confused!)

As a CHRISTIAN… You don’t have to TRY and BE DIFFERENT!


Inward Connection = Outward Reflection

See Ya Sunday!!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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