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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Parentology - 3)

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HOW do WE develop GOD’S PLAN for better PARENTING?

A Few Highlights From This Coming Week’s Message…

Three Hats of Discipline...

1. GROUNDSKEEPER (Define the Rules!)

2. REFEREE (Enforce the Rules!)

3. COACH (Keep teaching the Rules!)

Know WHAT You’re Doing…

DISCIPLINE is what you do FOR your Children - PREPARING them for Life! PUNISHMENT is what you do TO your Children - to satisfy your FRUSTRATION!


The BIBLE has something to say about DISCIPLINE! (Consider it when Defining your Rules!)

Don’t mistake His PRECEDENCE (Biblical) with Your PREFERENCE (Personal)!

Proverbs 13:24… He who spares the ROD hates his son but he who LOVES HIM is careful to DISCIPLINE him! (Big Discipline is reserved for ATTITUDE not ACTIONS!)

Not DISCIPLINING your Child for Wrongdoing is not an ACT OF LOVE... BUT ACTUALLY THE LACK OF IT!

Effective COACHING that follows DISCIPLINE doesn’t DWELL on the MOMENT – It always uses the MOMENT as a TEACHING OPPORTUNITY

Don’t Forget to pursue “GOD'S FAMILY” Idea Rest of this Series...?

1) Read One Chapter of your BIBLE everyday!

2) Take your Spouse on a Date at least once if not twice!

3) Make Church a Priority each week!

See Ya Sunday!!

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FYI… This will be my last Blog Post for the next few weeks! Heading on VACATION with the FAMILY!

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