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I think it’s pretty safe to say that we ALL could really use some better Understanding in Knowing that there is some Serious Power in the WORDS that WE SPEAK! (For Example…) Our WORDS have the Power to Give Life… but our WORDS also have the Power to Take Life! (Jesus once said…) "Out of the overflow of the heart - the MOUTH SPEAKS!” -- So we’re gonna take the next few weeks here at COC and talk a little more about the WORDS we often Speak - and then start attempting to get a little better in our own lives with a few of those areas… in a New Series we’re calling MY BIG FAT MOUTH! It’s gonna AWESOME and you simply Can’t Miss It! (And…) Bring A Friend Too!



Sunday Snapshot… (1) COMPLAINING


Matthew 5:13-14a... You are the SALT of the earth. You are the LIGHT of the world...


WHAT IS “IT” -- THAT YOU TEND TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE MOST? (Be Careful!Because you might actually be COMPLAINING against JESUS” instead of “IT!” (Exodus 16:8)


The Real Problem with COMPLAINING is that we've taken our eyes off of the GOODNESS OF GOD… and we've placed our eyes dead center on OURSELVES!



so that you may become blameless and pure - children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.


Lessons from Paul about COMPLAINING...


(1) If there is SOMETHING in Your Life that’s NOT RIGHT and YOU CAN FIX “IT” - then FIX “IT” and STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT “IT!”
(2) If there is SOMETHING in Your Life that’s NOT RIGHT and YOU CAN’T FIX “IT” - then CHANGE how you LOOK at “IT” and STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT “IT!”


Remind Yourself of THIS often - it will really help with Your COMPLAINING... YOU’RE NOT THE CENTER OF YOUR STORY… JESUS IS THE CENTER OF YOUR STORY!



See You Sunday Celebrators… (9a / 10:45a)


RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

Pastor Josh

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