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Ever spend time on Instagram or Facebook… and come away feeling like everybody else has it BETTER than YOU? (Like…) Someone Else has the better job… the cooler vacations… the cuter kids… or greater relationships? (Well…) The TRUTH is… we all tend to put our best foot forward on Social Media… don’t we? (And…) If you’re FEELING of WORTH is solely measured by the AMOUNT of HEARTS/LIKES or COMMENTS you receive on Social Media… then the truth is that you’ll NEVER/EVER GET ENOUGH! As we kick off summer here at COC… we’d like you to consider pursuing a “LIFE” that’s really worth “LIKING!” (So…) Don’t Miss the Third Week of our New Series we’ve starting at COC called… “LIFE” (It could be LIFE-changing for you!)

Sunday Snapshot… (Wk3) AUTHENTICITY (Mat Balgaard)

The more FILTERED our lives become... the harder it is for others to really SEE US! (Live Authentically!)

Everything that we say must be True… but Everything True does not have to be shared on Social Media! (Can I Get An Amen?!)

It appears that we’re LIVING for LIKES... but really LONGING for LOVE!

We may IMPRESS people with our STRENGTHS... but we CONNECT with them through our WEAKNESSES!

My IDENTITY is not found in YOUR "LIKES" but in HIS "LOVE!"

No matter WHO is "FOLLOWING" me... I’m gonna stay focused on "FOLLOWING" HIM!

See You Sunday Celebrators… (9:00A / 10:45A)

RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

Pastor Josh

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