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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Identity Theft - 3)

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IDENTITY THEFT / (3) Hearing God’s Voice – Embracing His Plan (Mat Balgaard)

Exec Pastor Mat Balgaard is bringing us home this weekend! You don’t wanna miss it! Here’s a few ‘snapshots’ of what’s to come!  Can’t Wait!

Sometimes God’s Voice is the LOUDEST when you feel the FARTHEST from Him!

Sometimes our ISOLATION Circumstantially brings the greatest REVELATION from God Situationally!

Sometimes it’s on the 'far side of the desert' that God can speak 'closely to your soul!'

Sometimes God doesn’t speak when you’re on Top of the Mountain!

Sometimes He speaks when you’re in the Bottom of the Valley!

There are 'Burning Bushes' EVERYWHERE! Question is... Are you looking for them?

God speaks His EXTRAORDINARY way through ORDINARY things!


See Ya Sunday!!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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