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For many of us… the Most Wonderful Time of the YearISN’T SO WONDERFUL! A Painful Past or Our Own Insecurities can often Overshadow the Joy we’re supposed to be feeling during Christmas! (But…) What if this year could look different? (Maybe just Maybe…) It’s time to let God finally Heal some of those Ghosts Of Christmas Past!?


We’re starting a Brand New Series this week at COC that deals specifically with some of those “GHOSTS” - Painful Issues like OFFENSESSHAME… and LABELS– that we can often live with for a Lifetime!


Please Don’t Miss This New SeriesGHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST– I’m already praying that SOMEONE finds the ability to finally LET IT GO this Christmas Season!



Sunday Snapshot… (1) OVERCOMING OFFENSES


Proverbs 19:11… A Person’s Wisdom Yields Patience… it is to One’s Glory to OVER LOOK AN OFFENSE!


Rene Descartes…"Whenever anyone has OFFENDED me… I try to RAISE MY SOUL SO HIGH… that the OFFENSE Cannot Reach It!”


Ephesians 4:2… Be Completely Humble and Gentle; BE PATIENTBearing With One Another IN Love!


When it comes to OFFENSES in Your Life... You can either RE-LIVE IT (Over/Over) or you can RELEASE IT! (Your Choice!)


Colossians 3:13Make Allowance for each other’s faults… and Forgive Anyone Who OFFENDS You! Remember… The Lord FORGAVE You - so YOU MUST FORGIVE OTHERS!


Always Remember... YOUR Life is Too Short and YOUR Calling is Too Great to LIVE LIFE OFFENDED! (LET IT GO!)



See You Sunday Celebrators… (9a / 10:45a)


RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

Pastor Josh

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