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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Cow Tipping - 1)

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BIG IDEA for this week… 

Is it ok for me to get a Tattoo - drink a Beer - smoke a Cigar  - eat an entire XXL Pizza all while watching an R-Rated Movie?

Biblical Community vs. Cultural Affinity...

Sometimes you have to sacrifice making a POINT so you can make a DIFFERENCE!

Romans… Paul wants us to understand that God did not Save ME for ME - but that He Saved ME and dropped ME into a context of WE!

God saves the SINNER but leaves the SIN NATURE IN - gives me His Spirit and then says… TRUST THE SPIRIT TO OVERCOME THE SIN!

Important Note…

There's always a fine line when Non-Essentials become Essentials!

Are you aware of where that "LINE" is in your life of Community?


If you Flaunt Your Freedoms Flippantly - you better be aware that someone could Stumble - Get Trapped and it lead to their Destruction!

Jesus in essence said…

“I have Saved You and put You into the Context of Community! Now... in that Context of Community - Flesh Out The Gospel!!”

See you Sunday – Gonna Be Fun – We’re Goin’ Cow Tippin’!!

Don’t Miss It!!!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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