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(4) Creating A New Line Item

CELEBRATORS… Moving into Week #4 with our BALANCED Series! I’m hoping that this “STUFF” (no pun intended) is BLOWING YOUR MIND like it has mind! We continue this week taking a look at another CONSTANT CORRECTION we must make with our MONEY to bring BALANCE to our FINANCESWhat do we do with our EXTRA MONEY? Let’s be real honest… We all have it! So… We need to KNOW WHERE it’s GOING and then take a closer look into where GOD thinks it should GO! Don’t Miss This Weekend!

Below is a sneak-peak into a few of the ideas for Week #4 (Creating A New Line Item)…

Luke 12:15-21... Interesting Parable on our "EXTRA" Stuff!

What You and I DO with our "EXTRA" Stuff… is a direct REFLECTION of our HEART!

Luke 12:15... Don’t BUY INTO THE LIE… "That your LIFE consists on the ABUNDANCE OF YOUR POSSESSIONS!" Remember… They're not YOURS to begin with!

Luke 12 Parable... Jesus didn’t call him a “FOOL” because he was RICH - He calls him a “FOOL” because he didn’t understand WHY HE HAD SO MUCH "EXTRA!"

Luke 12:21... "THIS IS HOW IT WILL BE..." If you live FOR your "STUFF" - for your "EXTRA" and fail... "to be RICH towards God!" It equals… TOTAL LOSS!

What does it mean... "To Be Rich Towards God?"

According to Luke 12:33-34 it means this... Take a little more LESS of what you WANT and GIVE it to someone who NEEDS! - Gonna be EPIC Celebrators! Great place to GIVE towards with your "EXTRA?" Don't Miss out on this opportunity in being... RICH TOWARDS GOD!

See You Sunday… Celebrators!! 

(Sat) Sequoia Pathways – 5P

(Sun) MHS Performing Arts Center – 9A



1. COC NEW WORSHIP SERVICES! (Sundays / 9a and Saturdays / 5p) – GOING GREAT!

2. 500+ SALVATIONS! – OVER 20 for the Year!

3. – Don’t Miss The OPPORTUNITY to INVEST in this MINISTRY!

4. 25 DNA Small Groups! – Last year we ended with 11 Active Groups – we now have 23 ACTIVE GROUPS!

5. Increased GENEROSITY! (Time/Talents/Treasures) – This one is UP TO YOU (…and GOD)!

6. A Place To Call HOME! (LAND) – No Update at this time! (Something may be COOKING though…!?)

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