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(3) Back In The Black


CELEBRATORS… We continue this week in our series called BALANCE! This is definitely a week you DO NOT WANT TO MISS if you ARE or ever HAVE experienced DEBT – in any way shape or form! When I say that word… DEBT – I realize that in itself it is suffocating and hard to find any peace when it comes to our FINANCES! However… God’s Word has some very strong words regarding it and encouragement to draw from in working toward finding a RELEASE from it! Please… Please… Please… do EVERYTHING you can to make it this week – and take one more step closer to finding out from God WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT and bring some BALANCE back to your FINANCES!


Below is a sneak-peak into a few of the ideas for Week #3 (Back In The Black)…


Getting out of DEBT... WORK HARD/SPEND LESS or keep PUTTING IT ON CREDIT! One is FAST…One is SLOW…One brings PEACE…the other brings WOE!


DEBT... Deuteronomy 20:12 suggests that when a person is in a place to HAVE TO BORROW – it’s because things aren’t going so well for them!


Getting out of DEBT is a SPIRITUAL JOURNEY!


Proverbs 22:7b... The BORROWER is SERVANT to the LENDER!

Financial Slavery vs Spiritual Freedom…? (Which one sounds better?)


Proverbs 25:28… Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who LACKS SELF-CONTROL. (Lacking SELF-CONTROL with our MONEY leaves us open for attack!)


BALANCE... When we are ENSLAVED to our "STUFF" it severely affects our ABILITY (Not our Passion or Desire) to be GENEROUS!


Tough Predicament to be in… When you can’t GIVE to people IN NEED… because you’ve spent so much on "STUFF" you DON’T NEED!


See You Sunday… Celebrators!! 

(Sat) Sequoia Pathways – 5P

(Sun) MHS Performing Arts Center – 9A




1. COC NEW WORSHIP SERVICES! (Sundays / 9a and Saturdays / 5p) – GOING GREAT!

2. 500+ SALVATIONS! – OVER 10 for the Year!

3. – Officially Rolling this out MAR 02/03 Weekend! Gonna be EPIC!

4. 25 DNA Small Groups! – Last year we ended with 11 Active Groups – we now have 23 ACTIVE GROUPS!

5. Increased GENEROSITY! (Time/Talents/Treasures) – This one is UP TO YOU (…and GOD)!

6. A Place To Call HOME! (LAND) – No Update at this time! (Something may be COOKING though…!?)

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