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We here at COC personally believe that MONEY/GENEROSITY is one of the Most Important Topics in ALL OF SCRIPTURE! (Meaning...) There’s a pretty important reason as to why Jesus talked soooo much about it in the NT… (And also...) How it’s interwoven throughout all of the OT and NT! (Furthermore Meaning…) MONEY and GENEROSITY… our TIME/TALENTS and TREASURES… are a really BIG DEAL with our Spiritual Walk with CHRIST… and are worth talking about frequently! Soooo… That’s what we’re doing these remaining Couple Weeks here at COC in our Current Series called… ALIENS! When you think about MONEY/GENEROSITY… it really is a matter of PERSPECTIVESeeing the Bigger Picture! What we do with our TIME/TALENTS and TREASURES have ETERNAL SIGNIFICANCE and we’d do ourselves well if we GET THAT sooner rather than later! Please make time to join us these remaining couple weeks!




Exodus 23:19… Bring the BEST of the FIRSTFRUITS of your soil to the House of the Lord Your God. (It’s about Giving God your First and Best!)


Cain's Problem with GIVING... It wasn't about WHAT was GIVEN - it was about HOW it was GIVEN! (Is that Your Problem too?)


The Concept of Tithing/Firstfruits is NOT about GOD NEEDING YOUR MONEY! The Concept is about GOD NEEDING YOU TO KNOW that YOUR MONEY DOESN'T NEED TO BE YOUR GOD!


YOUR HEART… and MY HEART… are INTRISICALLY CONNECTED to our MONEY and our STUFF! (Doubt Me…?) Matthew 6:21… For WHERE your TREASURE is… THERE your HEART will be also.


Tithing/Firstfruits... Is all about GOING to ANOTHER LEVEL OF FAITH that you might not know EXISTS! (Have you gone there yet?)


Tithing/Firstfruits... Is NOT WHAT God wants FROM you… it’s WHAT God wants FOR you!


See You Sunday Celebrators… (9:00A / 10:45A)


RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

Pastor Josh

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