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Whether you’re a ChristianReligious Person or NOT… (Chances Are…) we’ve ALL probably made some pretty BIG MESSES in our lives along the way! (And…) We've all probably thought a time or two something like this… “MY LIFE IS A MESS!” (So we thought…) If that’s the case for most… then let's spend a few weeks talking a little more about MESSES! (Here’s Why…) We believe there’s very likely a pretty powerful connection between your MESSES and your RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD! Please consider joining us for the Third Week of our ADDRESS THE MESS Series… as we continue talking about MESSES and HOW we can deal with them the right way!



Sunday Snapshot… (Wk3) Inside/Out


We All know that NOBODY is PERFECT... (But...) Christians know there is a PERFECT that NOBODY IS!


God Loves YOU in YOUR MESS but Loves YOU too much to leave YOU that way!


Christianity is an INSIDE/OUT Faith! God is RENEWING US from the INSIDE and BRINGING US to OUTSIDE Results!



See You Sunday Celebrators… UNIFIED SERVICE THIS WEEK – 9A ONLY!



RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

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