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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (My Family Circus - 1)

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FAMILY… We all have one… and many of us want a better one!
 While some of us loved our 'growing up' years… others of us couldn't wait to move out and start fresh!
 Either way… there’s something inside us all that would love to have THE PERFECT CIRCUS… when it comes to our FAMILY! The problem is… there’s REAL… then there’s IDEAL… then there’s a BIG GAP IN BETWEEN! A TENSION that we all must come to terms with and push through if we ever want to keep moving towards the STANDARD that Jesus gave to us which defines A PERFECT CIRCUS! I hope you’ll do whatever it takes to join us for this New Series… MY FAMILY CIRCUS! We’ll be discovering what Jesus thinks is the IDEAL WAY to survive a FAMILY full of LionsClowns… and Bearded-Ladies! Don’t Miss It!



Below is a sneak-peak for THIS Week… (1) The Perfect Circus


The NT's Teaching on FAMILY… Focuses on the VALUE of WOMEN and CHILDREN!

-A Revolutionary Concept to that Day and Age (and…) to OURS as well!


NT Overview of FAMILY

1. HUSBANDSLOVE your Wives and be CONSIDERATE to them!

2. WIVESSUBMIT to your Husbands!

3. CHILDRENOBEY your Parents!

4. DADS… Don't IRRITATE your Kids!


In EVERYTHING that JESUS did… He TAUGHT and POINTED to an IDEAL… but He REFUSED to CONDEMN… anyone who fell short!


When it comes to our FAMILY

Will we either… EMBRACE the IDEAL? (Or…)

We will lose sight of the IDEAL… to feel better about where we ACTUALLY ARE…?


FOLLOWERS… We don't have the PERMISSION to DISMISS the FAMILY IDEAS or IDEAL that Jesus gave to us! (Because those same VALUES are true today!)



See You Sunday Celebrators… (9a / 10:45a)


RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

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Mexico Trip

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At COC we believe Jesus adores people in Northern Mexico and He wants to use you and I to help them out through various service projects over a weekend stay at the famous Via Grenada Mission Hotel in Puerto Penasco Mexico (Rocky Point). Imagine being apart of that! Following Jesus there with us may change your life. 

We are going back and we'd love to have you join us THIS Veteran's Day Weekend, November 7th-9th. 



-Cost: $125 + spending $

-Passport: You need one to go on the trip. Grab an application at the City of Maricopa office.

-Meeting: Attend our trip info meeting on 9/28 in the Black Box Theater at 12:30pm. 

-Ages: Jr High and up. (5-6th graders are welcome if accompanied by a parent.) 


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