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We’ve all had AHA Moments in our lives… times when a Sudden Revelation surprises us with Great Insight! Through Scripture we can find that there are Three Key Ingredients that go into a Spiritual AHA Moment

  1. AWAKENING… to the reality of our True Spiritual Condition!
  2. HONESTY… that leads us to the Realization of our Desperate Need for a Savior!
  3. ACTION… which leads us towards Obeying God’s Commands and following the Examples set by Christ!


We’re praying here at COC that YOU too can have a Spiritual AHA Moment through our New Series starting this week at COCAHA! Don’t Miss It!



Sunday Snapshot… (Wk1) Sudden Awakening


AHA... A Sudden Recognition...That Leads To An Honest Moment... That Brings Lasting Change!


COMING TO YOU SENSES... The effectiveness of an ALARM is in direct correlation to HOW MUCH YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! (Wake Up!)


Desperate Moments come in either Difficult Circumstances or Deserved Circumstances! Each one will cause you to either CRY OUT TO GOD or MOVE FARTHER AWAY FROM HIM! (Which one are you choosing?)



-Even in his Rebellion the Prodigal Son was Dependent on His Father!


How DESPERATE does your situation have to get before you realize your DEPENDENCE?


Startling Realizations are often discovered in SILENCE and SOLITUDE! You may find that God has been trying to get your attention but you can't hear Him... NOT because HE HASN'T BEEN LOUD ENOUGH... BUT because YOU HAVEN'T BEEN QUIET ENOUGH!



See You Sunday Celebrators… (9A / 10:45A)



RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

Pastor Josh

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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Super Hero Dad - 1)

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The way you LOVE the LORD YOUR GOD and MODEL THAT for your kids in the way you LIVE your everyday life… will have the SINGLE GREATEST IMPACT on WHO your Kids BECOME and the DIRECTION that their life will head! Don’t Miss The Opportunity to be a SUPER HERO DAD in your Child’s Life! Plan on joining us this Special Father’s Day Weekend… as Pastor Ben shares with us a few ideas on HOW you can be a SUPER HERO DAD in your Child’s Life!



Sunday Snapshot… (Wk1) Super Hero Dad


A Dad’sPrimary Responsibility’ is to gradually TRANSFER their Child’s Dependence from YOU onto GOD!


The Most Damaging Thing that you can do to your kids is exposing them to just a LITTLE BIT of GOD!


When you SEE how much TIME you have LEFT… you tend to get SERIOUS about the TIME you have LEFT! (Stop wasting your TIME!)


Someone else can DO your JOB… but no one can REPLACE YOU as their DAD!


You will NEVER be the PERFECT Parent… but you can always be a PRAYING Parent!





See You Sunday Celebrators… (9A / 10:45A)



RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

Pastor Josh

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