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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do… 1)

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CELEBRATORS… It’s seems so natural to FEAR you won’t make it through certain seasons in life… like will the Depression ever lift… or will the Pain ever leave… or will the Arguing ever stop? Well… the answer is YES… (But the KEY is…) If you’ll let JESUS in on it! You see… DELIVERANCE is EVERYWHERE in the Bible… it’s God’s Specialty! God is in the business of REDEEMING BROKEN THINGS! It won’t always be PAINLESS… it won’t always be QUICK… but GOD specializes in turning whatever MESS you’re in… into MIRACLES! Super excited to start this New Series… WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO…? It’s one that will be TOUGH to hear at times… but UPLIFTING and ENCOURAGING! Do whatever it takes to be there!

Below is a sneak-peek for this week… (1) You’ll Get Through This!

Joseph's Story got WORSE before it got BETTER! And in the end… IN GOD'S HANDS… INTENDED EVIL… BECAME ULTIMATE GOOD! What makes you think He couldn't He do the same for you?

God gets you THROUGH stuff! THROUGH is one of His Favorite Words!
(Check out Isaiah 43:2 if you doubt it!)

What you may see as a PERFECT MESS… God sees as a chance to TRAIN… to TEST… and to TEACH A FUTURE PRIME MINISTER! (Just ask Joseph!)

YOU ARE GOD'S CHILD… He SAW you and He PICKED you… and He's strategically PLACED you… in the middle of whatever "IT" is in your life right now!

SURVIVAL IN EGYPT begins with a "YES" to "GOD'S CALL" on your life… no matter WHERE that "CALL" takes you! Never Forget… You'll never GO where GOD IS NOT!

Sometimes you need to PRAY YOUR PAIN OUT! Trust me… It's better to SHAKE A FIST AT GOD… than to TURN YOUR BACK ON HIM! (See Lamentations for proof!)

See You Sunday Celebrators… (9a / 10:45a)

RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (not a fan. 4)

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CELEBRATORS… Are you a FAN or a FOLLOWER? The dictionary defines a FAN as “AN ENTHUSIASTIC ADMIRER!FANS want to be close enough to Jesus to get all the benefits… but not so close that it requires a SACRIFICE! FANS may be fine with attending church on the weekend… having your car radio dialed into the local Christian Radio station… and maybe even slapping a Jesus Fish (or COC Decal) on your bumpers… but is that REALLY the extent of the RELATIONSHIP that Jesus wants? Here’s the bottom-line… Jesus was NEVER interested in having a bunch of ‘enthusiastic admirers!’ It’s not FANS that He is looking for! He never asked us to sit on the sidelines and cheer for His cause… He wants us IN THE GAME! He’s looking for Completely CommittedFOLLOWERS! Don’t miss the last week of not a fan.



Below is a sneak-peek for this week…





Luke 9:57-58… "I'll FOLLOW you WHEREVER!" (Jesus' Reply) "How about… HERE?" The places you might say YES to GOD… might mean saying NO to YOU!


Luke 9:59-60… "I'll FOLLOW you WHENEVER!" (Jesus' Reply) "How about… NOW?" Don't wait for TOMORROW to FOLLOW… because TOMORROW might not come!


Luke 9:61-62… "I'll FOLLOW you WHATEVER!" (Jesus' Reply) "How about… THAT?" Following Jesus isn't making Him a Top Priority… it's making Him the ONLY PRIORITY!


Surrendering ALL THAT YOU HAVE… for ALL THAT HE HAS TO OFFER… is the BEST DEAL you'll ever RECEIVE!


What would your life look like if you FOLLOWED JESUSCOMPLETELY?



Jesus didn’t come to change a LITTLE BIT OF YOU… He came so that YOU WOULD DIE! Are you a fan or a FOLLOWER? You MUST consider the COST before you decide!



See You Sunday Celebrators… (9a / 10:45a)


RunTheRace! (Heb 12:1-2)

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