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An Attitude of Gratitude

Start the New Year right tomorrow at COC!!

ONE SERVICE - 10:45a at the PAC!!

Attitude of Gratitude (Duncan Robinson)


Here's a sneak-peak...


-From the overflow of your heart the mouth speaks! (Luke 6:45)

Gratitude Sustains Blessings - Sympathy Lessens Burdens!

GRATITUDE starts where our Self-Entitlement ends! (Love This!!)

Gratitude is viewing life as a gift - it frees us from the prison of self pre-occupation!

Sometimes we don't know how THANKFUL we should be until what we HAVE is threatened! (Wow!)

Many of us are "hard of thanking" and so we miss mountains of blessings - looking for the epic gift!


DON'T MISS SUNDAY! (PAC / Unified Service - 10:45a only!)


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