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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Second Greatest Story Ever Told - 3)

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(Wk3) LIVING IN 3D… Develop/Discover/Discern (Mat Balgaard)


What if YOUR STORY was ALL it took to change someone’s life FOREVER?

The Jesus Mantra... Any Person - Any Time - Anywhere... Can be Transformed by the Power of God! (Are you living by this mantra as well?)

Evangelism... The idea is that our HEARTS are GROWING TENDERER and our VISION CLEARER towards the Lost and Broken!

IN THE MOMENT Evangelism... Jesus' Response to the Thief on the Cross was Fascinating! Without Deliberation - He gave Grace and Heaven in the MOMENT!

As you can begin to view people through the lens of Radical Inclusiveness - you will develop the eyes to view people as Jesus saw them!

Christ’s Dream... Someday my church will be filled with people who lay awake at night concerned about ALL the people My Father has created!

As we grow as Christians... We should become experts in Building Bridges for people to come to Christ - not Walls keeping them from Him!

Don’t Miss COC This Week – Mat’s gonna BRING IT!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Second Greatest Story Ever Told Part 2)

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(Wk2) JUST WALK ACROSS THE ROOM (Duncan Robinson)


What if YOUR STORY was ALL it took to change someone’s life FOREVER?


Personal Evangelism isn't just a GIFT - it's a MANDATED MISSION!

We use our GIFTS to accomplish it!


If God recorded your conversations about Him - how much AUDIO would He have on you? Or would it just be silence?


Our purpose is to JUST WALK ACROSS THE ROOM and share Jesus!

 Doing so... BRINGS GOD GLORY!

EVANGELISM... Move out of your comfort zone and into the unknown - it's where the Spirit works best!

YOUR STORY... Master it - Make it Simple - Make it Clear and Make it Authentic!

The GOSPEL frees us of BURDEN and leads us to FREEDOM!

Don’t Miss COC This Week! Gonna be a GREAT one!


MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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