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Sunday Snapshot....GRACE

(1) In The Beginning... GRACE (Mat Balgaard)

Grace simply means...

God took the Hell He didn't deserve so we could have the Heaven we don't deserve!

GRACE... “When we’re on the receiving end - it’s refreshing. When it’s required of us - it’s disturbing. When it’s correctly applied - it seems to solve just about everything!”

GRACE... “You can ask for it - beg for it - position yourself to receive it … BUT - the moment you think you deserve it - GRACE IS VOIDED!

GRACE... Birthed from Hopeless Inequity! Unmerited... Unearned... Undeserved!

GRACE... It’s never just enough... It’s always MORE THAN ENOUGH!

GRACE... Whereas God’s expressions of it are innumerable - His requirements for it were minimal!

GRACE... From the very beginning God has responded to the sin of humanity with Amazing Grace!

Don't Miss Sunday @ COC - GONNA BE AMAZING!!!!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Start the New Year right tomorrow at COC!!

ONE SERVICE - 10:45a at the PAC!!

Attitude of Gratitude (Duncan Robinson)


Here's a sneak-peak...


-From the overflow of your heart the mouth speaks! (Luke 6:45)

Gratitude Sustains Blessings - Sympathy Lessens Burdens!

GRATITUDE starts where our Self-Entitlement ends! (Love This!!)

Gratitude is viewing life as a gift - it frees us from the prison of self pre-occupation!

Sometimes we don't know how THANKFUL we should be until what we HAVE is threatened! (Wow!)

Many of us are "hard of thanking" and so we miss mountains of blessings - looking for the epic gift!


DON'T MISS SUNDAY! (PAC / Unified Service - 10:45a only!)


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