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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (‘P,nc?uat!on. - 3)

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‘P,nc?uat!on. / COMMA,,,

Even though you've turned your BACK on God - it's NEVER TOO LATE to COME BACK! God's Willing and Waiting for you to COME BACK!

INFORMATION doesn't always lead to TRANSFORMATION! You MUST come to the REALIZATION that you're Far From God - before you can COME BACK!

Walking away from Jesus will never get you to where you want to go! The first step AWAY is usually a Small One - but Bigger Ones will always be coming!

Coming Back to Jesus! (REPENTANCE) You must GO BACK to a Place of SACRIFICE! Where you humbly admit that you've Walked Away From Him!

Don't find yourself in a place being near to Jesus Geographically (i.e. Church) but not being near to Him RELATIONALLY! (Big Difference!)

If you've found yourself Far From God - Remember... He's not trying to GET you Back - He's trying to BRING you Back! (Grace)

Sometimes we find ourselves FAR from God! Find out this Sunday WHY God wants to replace that PERIOD in your Life's Sentence with a COMMA!

See Ya Sunday!!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (‘P,nc?uat!on. - 2)

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‘P,nc?uat!on. / I KNOW… PERIOD.

Knowing Jesus was never intended to be CONFUSING! Jesus tells us HOW we can KNOW FOR SURE!

The Formula to Knowing For Sure that you're SAVED...

MEETING CHRIST = CHANGE… PERIOD. -- WHEN did that happen for YOU?

Acts 6-9... If the Bible was True and everything Jesus did for him was True... Then SAUL (Paul) KNEW everything about him had to CHANGE!

Saul (Paul) met Jesus and EVERYTHING CHANGED!

If YOU haven't been CHANGED - then YOU HAVEN'T BEEN SAVED!

Jesus didn't DIE for us to get out of Hell and get into Heaven!

He DIED so we could…

1) Get out of Hell!

2) Get into Heaven! (AND…)


God didn't give us His Grace so we COULD go out and sin! He gave us His Grace so it covers us WHEN we go out and sin! (Don’t Get The Two Confused!)

As a CHRISTIAN… You don’t have to TRY and BE DIFFERENT!


Inward Connection = Outward Reflection

See Ya Sunday!!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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