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“PASSION WEEK” Fast & Prayer Challenge (Friday)

HIS LIFE - MEANS LIFE (Derived from Max Lucado’s book – 3:16) 

John 10:13… My purpose is to GIVE LIFE. 

The heart of Jesus was PURE. The Savior was adored by thousands, yet content to live a simple life. He was cared for by women (Luke 8:1-3), yet never accused of lustful thoughts. He was scorned by his own creation, but willing to forgive them before they even requested His mercy. Peter, who traveled with Jesus for three plus years, described him as a “lamb unblemished and spotless” (1 Peter 1:19). After spending the same amount of time with Jesus, John concluded… “And in him is no sin” (1 John 3:5).

Jesus’ heart was PEACEFUL. The disciples fretted over the need to feed the thousands, but not Jesus. He thanked God for the problem. The disciples shouted for fear in the storm, but not Jesus. He slept through it. Peter drew his sword to fight the soldiers, but not Jesus. He lifted his hand to heal. His heart was at Peace. When his disciples abandoned him, did he pout and go home? When Peter denied him, did Jesus lose his temper? When the soldiers spit in his face, did he breathe fire into theirs? Far from it. He was at PEACE. He FORGAVE them. He REFUSED to be guided by vengeance. 

He refused to be guided by ANYTHING other than HIS HIGH CALL! 

His heart was PURPOSEFUL. Most lives aim at nothing particular and achieve it. Jesus aimed at one goal – TO SAVE HUMANITY FROM ITS SIN! He could summarize his life with one sentence… “The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). 

The same one who SAVED YOUR SOUL longs to REMAKE YOUR HEART! 


How often are you taking Him up on His offer?

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“PASSION WEEK” Fast & Prayer Challenge (Thursday)

TWO THIEVES – TWO CHOICES… (Derived from Max Lucado’s book – 3:16) 

Romans 8:1… Therefore, there is NO CONDEMNATION for those who are IN CHRIST JESUS.

Ever wonder why there were two crosses next to Christ? Why not six or ten? Ever wonder why Jesus was in the center? Why not on the far right or far left? Could it be that the two crosses on the hill symbolize one of God’s greatest gifts? THE GIFT OF CHOICE. 

The two criminals have so much in common.  Convicted by the same system. Condemned to the same death. Surrounded by the same crowd. Equally close to the same Jesus. In fact, they begin with the same sarcasm… “The two criminals also said cruel things to Jesus” (Matthew 27:44)

But one CHANGED.  “He said, ‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.’ Jesus said to him, ‘I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise’” (Luke 23:42-43)

Think about that thief who repented for a minute. Though we know little about him, we know this… He made some bad mistakes in his life. He chose the wrong crowd, the wrong morals, the wrong behavior. But would you consider his life a waste? Is he spending eternity reaping the fruit of all the bad choices he made? No… just the opposite. He’s actually enjoying the fruit of the one good choice he made! In the end all his bad choices were redeemed by a solitary good one.

You’ve probably made some bad choices in your life, haven’t you? You look back over your life and say things like… “If only… if only I could make up for those bad choices.” Well… YOU CAN!

One Good Choice for ETERNITY offsets a thousand bad ones on the earth! Start TODAY by CHOOSING better – by CHOOSING to LIVE DAILY for HIM and not for YOU!


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