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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Doctrine - 1)

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(1) Beyond Belief To Convictions

Do you know WHAT you Believe and WHY you Believe it - when it comes to the BIBLE?

I can’t wait to start this New Series “DOCTRINE” this coming weekend!

Here’s a few appetizers for this coming Sunday…

When it comes to the Bible - there must be a point that You (Christian) move BEYOND BELIEF TO CONVICTIONS! (Convictions = Worth Dying For!)

Do you view the Word of God...?

AUTHORITATIVELY (Relevant Truth) or as THE AUTHORITY (Absolute Truth)...? (There’s a Big Difference between the TWO!)

Viewing God's Word "AUTHORITATIVELY" is like saying... "I'll allow it to be AUTHORITATIVE in my life - pending on my circumstances..."

Viewing God’s Word as "THE AUTHORITY" means... "Regardless of whether it makes sense to the mess I'm in right now - it's TRUTH - no matter what!"

Know This…

The Bible is not about RULES and REGULATIONS - it’s about a FRIEND (Savior) who has a message for YOU and will always say things that WE DON’T ALWAYS WANT TO HEAR but WHAT WE NEED TO HEAR!

MAKING A MISTAKE doesn’t always mean that you'll know how to do it RIGHT the NEXT TIME! All it means is…YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE A MISTAKE!

Wanna Know More…?

Next Steps “DOCTRINE” Class Following This Series… NOV 04 / 11 / 18

-The last week of this Class will be a Q&A of questions you may submit throughout the Series! Sign-Up for the Class on the Next Steps “DOCTRINE” Sign-Up Cards this coming Sunday and every Sunday of the Series and write your QUESTIONS on the back and we’ll take some time to answer as many as we can that week (Nov 18th)!!

See Ya Sunday!!

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SUNDAY SNAPSHOT (Tame Your Tongue)

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TAME YOUR TONGUE (Duncan Robinson)

Grow Pastor - Duncan Robinson - is speaking to a very HUGE Topic this weekend at COC! The Destructive Dangers of your WORDS (Tame Your Tongue)! You don’t wanna miss it! Here’s a few ‘snapshots’ of what’s to come!  Can’t Wait!

"Conversation Communicates Character!”

Know this about your WORDS… Every Person you come into contact with today is either a Demolition Site or a Construction Opportunity!

Both Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication speak to our Character!

WHO we ARE and WHAT we SAY!

Like a bit in a horses mouth-like a rudder on a ship or like a spark to a wildfire… SMALL WORDS can have Catastrophic Impact!

Your CHARACTER can be stifled by Poor CONVERSATION!


Tame Your Tongue... DISCIPLINE your TONGUE by SUBMITTING to being a PEACEMAKER for Christ!

See Ya Sunday!!

MHS Performing Arts Center (9a/10:45a)

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