New Here?

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Why come to church?
What’s the purpose of the church?

These are a couple questions in which every person will ask someday in their life. Everyone is on a spiritual journey, that’s fact! How can you live more vibrantly and learn how to CELEBRATE life? That’s where we might be able to help! You see… the purpose in life is a hard thing to discover. Actually, it comes in a very unique form…a gift! Someone gives and then someone receives!

The Church of Celebration believes that the church exists first and foremost FOR JESUS! To bring pleasure to Him; that we might make His name FAMOUS!!

Wherever you may be in life, whatever you are searching for, we will never claim to have all the answers for you. However, we do claim to know WHO can help you find those answers. So you too can learn how to CELEBRATE life to its fullest!

Run the Race!! (Heb 12:1-2)
Josh Barrett (Lead Pastor)